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Translation - english

As we all know in summer 2005, exactly on august 15th 2005, the first single of our four boys from Magdeburg released, which changed not only our lifes: Durch den Monsun!
That's why we want to celebrate exactly that amply - namely exactly 1097 days after that, on saturday, august 16th 2008 in Cologne!

We want to thank Tokio Hotel that they give us power in many hard situations by building us up with their music; we thank Tokio Hotel for all the new people which we met, because out of that arised profounding friendships frequently; we thank Tokio Hotel for all the concerts, interviews and scenes in TV they put on, because whithout all that we would have missed many high-quality entertainment
And in the end we want to give every fan a wonderful evening, with a lot of fun and offering you the possibility to met new great people and maybe finding new friends!

The party will take place from 4pm - 10pm, the admission begins at 3 pm!

For this we'll rent a location which shall hold 550 fans and we'll also get a little party-programme off the ground for you.

This programm will contain among other things:
- fanaction for Tokio Hotel
- specialguest-scene
- party-games
- musical entertainment
- small catering (sausages, chips/french fries or similar)

On this evening you have to pay the drinks for yourself, however the catering will be free!
The purchase and consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or similar is strictly forbidden!
The German laws for protection of children and young people is valid!

The admission for the fanparty takes 3,50 Euro's now - with this amount we hold your expenses as low as it is possible and for the most part we try to finance the party with it. Please bring the right money for the admission with you!
We hope you'll excuse us for that, because we want to present you a fitting location with the club and dont wanted to put you behind bars in a pensioner-like hall!

The fanparty will be filmed by a camera-team which will shoot a short movie for TAFF on ProSieben with us! But this doesn't mean that you're obliged to be filmed!
Special thanks to the camera-team because they make possible that the fanmeeting can be carried out financially what is of great importance for all of us!

So you want to be a part of the ultimate fanparty? No problem, it's very easy!
Just send us an eMail with the following contents and the re "announcement" to 3jahretokiohotel@live.de:

First and last name:

Only mail us when you would really come!
Of course your data will be treated confidentially. We need them because we have to draw up a guest-list (for the time being max. 500 guests) for the fanparty. That's why you have to take along yout identity or student card or rather your passport!
Please don't post your data not in our guestbook, just for your own safety! Also announnce yourself only once!

P. S. When you're announcement was successful you'll get a confirmation by eMail.